The Bride

Jenniffer Dayana Parra Barazarte

About Her

She was born in Maracay Venezuela on the 9th of November 1991. She has a double Civil Engineering degree from The Central University of Venezuela and the University of Cordoba in Spain. She speaks Spanish, English, a bit of Italian and she is currently learning German.


Jenn likes to dance, read, cook, and go out with Andy and friends. She likes to boulder with Andy. Every now and then she enjoys playing video games. She is a talented artist and likes to draw with water colors.


She likes pink, dogs, sushi, and “beer”. The sweet lady stuff, that is. She has a thing for weird cartoons and makes Andy suffer through them.

Her Family

Her Parents are married and both live in Venezuela, she has four siblings, three sisters (Yenlli, Geraldine and Sariah) and one brother (Francisco). Neither of them is living in Venezuela. They live in Switzerland, Chile and Colombia.