The Groom

Andy Mösch

About Him

He was born in Leuggern, Switzerland  on the 29th of October 1988. He grew up in the small town of Klingnau, the same town the wedding is going to take place. He has a systems engineering degree from the university of applied sciences North-Western Switzerland and a Master’s degree business information technology from the university of applied science Zürich. He speaks German, English, a bit of French and he is currently learning Spanish.


He likes skiing, badminton and riding his motocycle. It’s a KTM Duke 690. He likes hiking and camping in the mountains with Jenn and friends.


He owns two fish tanks. He likes eating meat.

His Family

His parents are still married and both live in Klingnau, Switzerland. He has one sister, Silvie. She is married with two children and lives in Tenna, Switzerland. Do not worry if you do not know Tenna, it’s in a faraway place where foxes still greet bunnies.

His God Children

Lara Haselbeck

Born in 2009, Lara was Andy’s first god daughter. She is the daughter of one of Andy’s uncles.

Finn Schild

Finn is the son of Andy’s cousin Michèle. He is a cute little man who shares Andy’s love for bikes and accidents.

Armon Schaufelberger

Armon is the son of Andy’s sister. The youngest of the pack.